NOVELOG 1st Open Training Workshop: Understanding urban freight transport

The NOVELOG 1st Open Training Workshop: “Understanding urban freight transport” provided the opportunity for participants to discuss key issues of understanding cities’ urban freight transport (UFT) characteristics. The workshop was held in Bologna, Italy on the 14th of April and included presentations from NOVELOG partners and other EU projects (CITYLAB, SUCCESS), networks (OpenENLoCC) and cities which provided their view on the issues of knowledge creation and data collection on UFT as well as the importance of achieving Multi-Stakeholder Agreements. Topics  presented and discussed (through a moderated session) in the workshop included:

  • data availability
  • data collection frameworks for UFT
  • agreements for the provision of minimum data sets related to UFT
  • common understanding creation and facilitation of multi-stakeholders decision making for UFT.

The workshop was also an opportunity for NOVELOG to present the “Understanding Cities” Tool to city authorities and UFT stakeholders who participated in this event. This tool is addressed to city authorities, helping them to understand the operations of their UFT by supporting consensus building of the local stakeholders on:

  • the Influencing Factors of UFT
  • the UFT characteristics of the city
  • the interrelation between the above two parameters and
  • the factors that any city logistics policies/measures implemented in a SUMP would need to focus on.

All presentations, pictures and the agenda can be downloaded at: