Graz City Workshop: challenges for implementing sustainable city logistics

The exchange of solutions for goods delivery in city centres was the focus of the NOVELOG workshop ‘Challenges for implementing sustainable City Logistics’, gathering more than 70 experts from 15 countries in the City Hall of Graz, (Austria, 20th July 2016). The event was opened by Mr. Mario Eustacchio, councillor for traffic at the Graz City Council. The city of Graz, an active partner of the NOVELOG project, demonstrated successful examples of urban delivery solutions and plans, such as the SmartCityGraz project ( connecting smart cities with smart logistics and producing new five to ten year development plans, which have a strong impact on mobility in urban areas.

Knowledge was exchanged with the invited cities of Padua and Rome (Italy), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Mediated approaches were presented, including environmentally friendly and traffic compatible goods delivery systems. In addition, numerous representatives of logistics companies presented their ideas and needs for city centre deliveries and Smart City development areas. While lively interaction took place between representatives from logistics companies and delegates from European municipalities eager to discover the needs and innovative solutions proposed by private logistics stakeholders. For example, the city of Copenhagen has built a very successful open model called Freight Network. ‘It is up to the freight stakeholder who joins the Network to provide the solutions in a way that the city hall can facilitate the discussion’, Ms. Helene Søgaard stated. Indeed cooperation is the key concept firmly encouraged by the Commission: ‘Without cooperation and understanding among stakeholders it is not possible to implement long term solutions to urban logistics problems’, says the NOVELOG coordinator Dr. Georgia Aifandopoulou, reaffirming a concept very dear to the European Commission.

During the workshop it was clear that the objectives and ambitions of the NOVELOG project, that are addressing the common problems in urban freight transport (UFT) through new cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics, are highly relevant.

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