Rome city workshop: uyrban freight distribution, current challenges & future goals

On October 19th 2016, the 3rd NOVELOG city workshop, entitled “Urban Freight distribution: current challenges and goals futures”, took place in the fascinating Protomoteca room of the Capitol Hill in Rome. It was a very fruitful afternoon with a huge turnout of stakeholders: around 80 people took part in the event.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together all the parties involved in urban distribution of goods (from local and foreign companies), in order to showcase experiences and adopted solutions, to exchange views with other cities and identify current market trends in the logistics industry.

Therefore, the workshop aimed at obtaining the cooperation of all interested stakeholders (industry and municipalities) in order to promote the exchange of information and tools in the implementation of urban freight transport.

In particular, as far as the city of Rome is concerned, the urban distribution of goods is a big challenge and the new Master Plan pays special attention to this topic, illustrating the guidelines to for the preparation of the New Freight Plan and the SUMP (Sustainable Mobility Urban Plan).

The workshop was structured as follows:

Istitutional/welcome greetings of the Councilor for Mobility of Rome Municipality

A) Presentation of NOVELOG and CITYLAB projects in Rome
B) Keynote speeches from major industry players
C) Experiences and innovations for UFT
D) Open moderated discussion

The city of Rome had already been involved in past EU projects on urban freight distribution, such as SMARTSET. Thanks to two new running projects, NOVELOG and CITYLAB, it is continuing its research and testing activity on the topic, to contribute to the reduction of both congestion and CO2 emissions thanks to a more efficient urban freight distribution.

All presentations, pictures and the agenda can be downloaded at: