NOVELOG Turin Workshop: Green solutions for urban logistics

The City Hall of Torino welcomed the 4th NOVELOG City Workshop on 5 April 2017. The workshop, according to the activities developed by the City of Torino within the NOVELOG project, focused on the topic “Green solutions for urban logistics”. The morning session was opened by the keynote speech of Maria Lapietra, Deputy Mayor of the City of Torino in charge of Transports, Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. The event gathered more than 70 local, national and international urban logistics practitioners.

The workshop was the occasion to give an overview of the NOVELOG framework and international activities to the local stakeholders. The Hellenic Institute of Transport (CERTH), as lead partner of the project, thus introduced the NOVELOG methodology and some city cases, giving particular attention to the importance of cooperation between public authorities and local private actors in urban freight transport policies.

The specific case of the City of Torino, described by D’Appolonia, was presented as an example on how public infrastructures can effectively be used for city logistics. The main innovative strategy introduced by NOVELOG in Torino concerns the possibility of sharing dedicated bus lanes by logistics operators and public transport. This benefit is specifically given to those operators complying with agreed “green” conditions. The involvement of stakeholders in the creation of this collaborative scheme, as well as their implication in the results assessment, grants mutual satisfaction both on the public and on the private side of the experimentation. The Torino case is considered a best practice in the Italian panorama thanks to the many “eco-friendly” projects involving city logistics. One of these initiatives is the URBELOG project which has been presented by TIM (Italian telecommunications company), one of its main industrial promoters.

The workshop thus opened the floor to many private initiatives with successful outcomes in terms of last mile delivery and bicycle logistics. The experience of the partnership between TNT and Ponyzero (eco urban delivery start-up) showed the future of sustainable logistics in city centres by means of greener vehicles and innovative technologies.

Other European cities have then been invited to share their pioneering experiences on urban freight transport focusing on 3 specific topics: Cityporto Padova portrayed the evolution of one of the most innovative consolidation centres in Italy, the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid presented its planning tools aimed at improving air quality, finally the SUCCESS EU project approached the business models of urban logistics for construction sites.

The session was closed by an open discussion moderated by Massimo Marciani of FIT Consulting.

In the afternoon, the international participants had the chance to visit 5T, the Public Utility of the City of Torino managing innovative services in the sectors of traffic management, public transport and infomobility. The NOVELOG experimentation in Torino is actually strictly connected to public transport, since it relies on shared infrastructures.

All presentations, pictures and the agenda can be downloaded at: