Emila Romagna Region, Italy

The Emilia-Romagna Region has 4 million inhabitants in 12 cities. The Region has 281 million tons of road transport, of which 15% is intra-regional and most of which travels a distance of less than 50km. In 2013 an “Agreement for a regional harmonisation of the access rules for freight vehicles to LTZs” was signed, which defined freight transport rules such as access times and permitted EURO classes, and supported the take up of electric vehicles.

The case study will harmonise the rules on a regional scale, by reviewing the Region’s strategy for regional harmonisation, focusing on financial and legal measures, and developing an IT tool to support urban freight operations.

In order to achieve the above the pilot will use data collected from the IT tool, which will assist the freight operators with retrieving information on access rules, simplify procedures and requests and provide real time information in order to optimise freight operations.