The Guidance Tool aims to develop a common framework to support the cities incorporate UFT solutions in their SUMPs, enabling collaborative schemes among private and public sector stakeholders, who participate in the decision-making and operation of UFT policies and measures in the city.

The objectives of the Guidance Tool are:

  • To develop a guidance strategy for inclusion of UFT solutions in the SUMP, adaptable to new policies and measures, and supportive to multiple stakeholder cooperation
  • To apply the guidance, develop specific Business Models and incorporate them in the cities’ SUMP, supporting the implementation of selected policies and measures at the NOVELOG pilots and case studies
  • To pursue, promote and gain acceptance of the strategy and specific Business Models from the involved stakeholders
  • To validate, evaluate and cross-compare applicability and effectiveness of the guidance strategy and specific Business Model
  • To facilitate stakeholders to implement the Strategy and enhance their SUMP, and enable the development their own Business Model.