Horizon 2020 and related sites
Horizon 2020 Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
INEA Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
CIVITAS Cleaner and better transport in cities
TRIP Transport Research and Innovation Portal
Other CIVITAS 2020 Urban Freight projects (CIVITAS UF Cluster)
CITYLAB City Logistics in Living Laboratories
SUCCESS Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction
U-TURN Rethinking Urban Transportation through advanced tools and supply chain collaboration
Urban Freight related research projects
ALICE Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe
BESTFACT Best Practice Factory for Freight Transport
BESTUFS II Best Urban Freight Solutions
CityHush Acoustically Green Road Vehicles and City Areas
CITYLOG Sustainability and efficiency of city logistics
C-LIEGE Clean last mile transport and logistics management
COFRET Carbon footprint of freight transport
CO-GISTICS Deploying co-operative logistics
Compass4D Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment
DELIVER Design of Electric Light Vans for Environment-impact Reduction
DISCWISE Digital Supply Chains for European SMEs based on the Freightwise Framework
DOROTHY Urban Logistics Cluster
FREIGHTWISE Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport
FREILOT Urban Freight Energy Efficiency Pilot
FREVUE Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
GRASS Green and sustainable freight transport systems in cities
LaMiLo Last mile logistics
LogiCon Low-cost, low-barrier freight data connectivity solutions
PRO-E-BIKE project Promoting clean and energy efficient vehicles, electric bicycles and electric scooters
Smartfusion Smart Urban Freight Solutions
SMARTSET Efficient urban freight transport 
SMILE SMart green Innovative urban Logistics for Energy Efficient Mediterranean cities 
SOLUTIONS Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban transporTatION
STADIUM Smart Transport Applications Designed for large events with Impacts on Urban Mobility
STRAIGHTSOL Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions
SUGAR Sustainable Urban Goods logistics Achieved by Regional and local policies
TELLUS (CIVITAS) Transport and Environment Alliance for Urban Sustainability
TRAILBLAZER Reducing energy use in urban freight transport
TURBLOG_WW Transferability of urban logistic concepts and practices from a worldwide perspective
Viajeo Plus Greening urban mobility
Other relevant links
EGVI European Green Vehicles Initiative
ERTRAC European Road Transport Research Advisory Council