Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece, with more than 4 million inhabitants. The main problems that the city faces is the lack of coordination of supply chains and poor collaboration between the stakeholders, which is the result of a lack of communication. This fragmentation leads to low load factors in trucks moving in the city and to increased traffic and extra cost.

The pilot aims at achieving cargo consolidation, in order to reduce the number of trucks operating within the city and to alleviatie congestion and the environmental impact.

In order to achieve this a selection of smart city logistics solutions will be introduced, to improve supply chain management and the coordination of door-to-door scenarios. This will done by upgrading the current intermodal door-to-door service of TRAINOSE to provide freight transfer of unitised pallets and by setting up an information data platform that enables stakeholder participation in the decision making process. The pilot is implemented by TRAINOSE, Kuhne + Nagel Hellas, the Development Agency of the Municipality of Athens, the University of Thessaly and the Hellenic Institute of Transport.